How to Host a GMod Server- Simple Steps Explained

How to Host a GMod Server

An image illustrating How to host a GMOD server
An image illustrating How to host a GMOD server

Garry’s Mod, often abbreviated as GMod, is a physics sandbox game where players are provided with a vast array of tools and props to unleash their creativity.

Unlike traditional games with predefined aims or goals, GMod empowers players to craft their own experiences.

They can spawn objects, manipulate physics, and weld components together to construct anything from cars and rockets to elaborate contraptions limited only by their imagination.

What are the Benefits of a GMOD Server?

One of the key appeals of Garry’s Mod is its flexibility in creating custom game modes.

Through its wide modding support and vibrant community, players can develop and share their unique game modes.

This transforms the sandbox into anything from role-playing simulations to intense multiplayer battles.

Hosting your own GMod server offers several benefits, notably granting players greater control over their gaming experience.

By setting up a server, players can tailor the game modes, rules, and settings to suit their preferences, ensuring a personalized and immersive experience.

Furthermore, hosting a server enables players to invite friends and create private sessions, fostering a sense of camaraderie and collaboration as they explore and create together.

Also, hosting your server can provide a stable and low-latency environment, enhancing the overall gameplay experience for all participants.

Requirements To host a GMod server

You’ll need:

  • A computer with a reliable internet connection. Minimum specs should allow you to run GMod smoothly, while good specs include a multi-core processor and at least 8GB of RAM for optimal performance.
  • A legit copy of Garry’s Mod bought on Steam.
  • The SteamCMD tool can be downloaded from the official Steam website.

Steps to Set Up Your GMod Server

Steps to Set Up Your GMod Server
  • Download and Install SteamCMD

Download the SteamCMD .zip file from the Steam website.

Extract the files into a dedicated folder, such as C:\SteamCMD.

SteamCMD is a command-line version of the Steam client used to install and update server files.

  • Generate a GSLT Login Token

Visit the Steam website and go to the “Manage My Server” page.

Locate the Garry’s Mod App ID (4000) and create a new server.

Secure the generated login token, which is crucial for your server’s operation.

  • Install and Configure the Server Files

Open a command prompt and go to the SteamCMD directory.

Use the commands login anonymous (or your Steam account details) and force_install_dir <path> to set the installation directory.

Update and validate Garry’s Mod server files with app_update 4020 validate.

  • Basic Configuration

Edit the server.cfg file using a text editor to set basic server settings like server name, map, and maximum players.

  • Port Forwarding

This is useful for allowing external connections to your server.

Consult your router’s manual for instructions, and set up forwarding for the default GMod server port 27015.

  • Start and Connect to Your Server

Use the srcds.exe file to start your server.

Launch Garry’s Mod with the -console launch option.

Connect to your server using the console and your local IP address.


Setting up your own GMod server is a great achievement that unlocks a new level of gaming freedom.

For further learning, explore online sources and tutorials that offer guides and support.


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