Which Server Hosting Does Dream Use?

Which Server Hosting Does Dream Use?

An image illustrating various web hosting services
An image illustrating various web hosting services/Bing Images

Ever wondered what keeps the Dream Minecraft server running smoothly?

It’s a question that bugs a lot of players!

While Dream himself stays tight-lipped about the exact service, let’s crack the code and explore some possibilities.

Is it the Cloud Services Giants?

Some people think Dream uses big cloud services like Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

These services are the internet superheroes.

They provide lots of power and keep everything running smoothly.

This is important and great for a huge Minecraft server with lots of players.

On the other hand, some folks believe Dream could partner with experts who know their way around Minecraft servers.

These companies understand what makes Minecraft work and can set up servers that run perfectly.

Names like Apex Hosting or Hostinger may make the list.

which server hosting does dream use

Why Does Dream SMP Keep Its Server a Mystery?

There could be a few reasons why Dream doesn’t just tell everyone who hosts its server. 

These could be:

  • Maybe Dream wants to keep his secret
  • He uses a mix of different services for different things


Dream’s server hosting remains a mystery.

But, we can guess that they’re using some pretty awesome tech to keep their world running smoothly.

No matter who’s behind the scenes, one thing’s for sure:

Dream’s server is a dream come true for Minecraft players everywhere.


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