How to Host a Crossplay Minecraft Server- It is Super Simple!

How to Host a Crossplay Minecraft Server

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Minecraft is an entertaining game that lots of people like, but sometimes it’s hard for friends to play together if they have different versions.

Good news! If you use plugins, you can make a server where friends with Java and Bedrock versions can play in the same world.

This is the step-by-step guide on how to make your own crossplay Minecraft server.

What Do You Need To Host a Crossplay Minecraft Server?

These are the requirements:

  1. A place to host your Minecraft server (you can pay or find free ones)
  2. The GeyserMC plugin (it’s like a bridge for Java and Bedrock)
  3. Know-how of server files and settings

Steps of Hosting a Crossplay Minecraft Server

How to Host a Crossplay Minecraft Server

1. Choose a Minecraft server hosting service

There are various server hosting providers available, offering different plans and features.

Consider your budget, desired player capacity, and ease of use when choosing one.

2. Install the server software

Most hosting providers offer one-click installations for various server software like Spigot or PaperMC, which are compatible with GeyserMC.

Follow your provider’s instructions for setting up the server.

3. Install GeyserMC

Once your server is up and running, you’ll need to install the GeyserMC plugin.

This can be done manually through FTP access or using your hosting provider’s control panel (refer to their documentation for specific instructions).

4. Configure GeyserMC

GeyserMC uses a configuration file to define various settings.

You’ll need to edit this file (usually named “geyser.yml”) to adjust aspects like the port for Bedrock players to connect on and authentication methods.

Refer to the GeyserMC documentation for detailed configuration options.

5. Start your server and share the address

With everything configured, start your server and obtain your hosting provider’s server address (IP address or domain name).

Share this address with your friends, including the port number if it’s not the default Minecraft server port (25565).

How to Customize Your Crossplay Minecraft Server

Pay attention to these tips:

  • Consider server performance

Running a crossplay server can be resource-intensive, especially with a large number of players.

Choose a hosting plan that can handle the expected load.

  • Adjusting game settings

Certain features or plugins might not be compatible with both Java and Bedrock editions.

You might need to adjust some server settings or choose compatible plugins to ensure a smooth experience for all players.

  • Security

Ensure your server is properly secured with a strong password and consider implementing additional security measures like whitelisting trusted players.


By following these steps and keeping the additional tips in mind, you can successfully set up your own crossplay Minecraft server and bring your friends together regardless of their preferred Minecraft edition.


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