What is the Cheapest Minecraft Server Host? Top 5 Picks

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Setting up your own Minecraft server is an exciting journey that allows you to make a digital world where you and your friends can explore, build, and survive together.

Whether you’re a long-time player or new to the blocky universe, having your server offers lots of possibilities.

But finding the best yet budget-friendly host isn’t a walk in the park.

Let’s find out how you can get the cheapest and well-performing host and the factors you should consider.

Factors Affecting the Cost of A Minecraft Server Host

Cheapest doesn’t always mean best.

The performance of a server host depends on many other factors such as:

  • RAM allocation
  • Server location
  • Number of players
  • Additional features (e.g., backups, mod support)
what is the cheapest minecraft server host

Budget-Friendly Options Minecraft server hosts

Below are some of the best options that will give you a good balance between price and Performance.

Provider RAM Players Price Strengths
Shockbyte 1 GB Unlimited $2.50/month Powerful plans, 4 server locations, 160 Gbps DDoS protection
The Minecraft Hosting 512 MB 10 $1/month Low latency, 5 server locations, 99.9% uptime
Apex Hosting 1 GB 12 $4.49/month Service choices, 18 server locations, high-level control
PebbleHost 1 GB Unlimited $1/month Cheap pricing, 3 server locations, enterprise hardware
ScalaCube 768 MB 10 $2.50/month Ease of use, 4 server locations, unlimited player slots


Prioritizing Performance

If you pick the cheapest Minecraft server hosting, it might not work well for your game.

It depends on how big and complicated your world is, how many players you have, and what mods or plugins you use.

If you want your game to run smoothly without problems, you might need a server with more resources.

Some problems with really cheap servers are:

1. Lag

This is when the game is slow or delayed when you’re playing online.

It can affect your gameplay, especially if you’re doing fast or competitive actions.

Lag can happen because of low server RAM, high CPU use, network problems, or being far from the server.

To reduce lag, you might need to get a better server plan, choose a closer server, or change your game settings.

2. Limited players

This is the most players your server can have at the same time. If your server is big or popular, you might want more players without waiting.

The player limit depends on server RAM, server software, and provider rules.

To have more players, you might need a better server plan, use different server software, or find a provider with unlimited player slots.


Starting your own Minecraft server allows you to explore, build, and survive with friends.

But picking an affordable host involves thinking about things like how much RAM you need, where the server is, and how many players it can handle.

Making sure the server performs well is important for a smooth gaming experience, so you don’t have problems like lag or not enough player slots.


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