How to Host a SCUM Server

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Hosting your own SCUM server can elevate your gaming experience.

This in turn offers you complete control over the gameplay environment.

Whether you’re an experienced player or new to the game, this guide will walk you through the process step-by-step.

It will ensure your server runs smoothly and efficiently.

Why Host a SCUM Server?

Hosting a SCUM server provides numerous benefits.

You can:

  • Customize settings
  • Manage player activities
  • Create a unique gaming environment.

It also ensures a stable connection, reducing lag and enhancing gameplay for you and your friends.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Host a SCUM Server

How to Host a SCUM Server
  • System Requirements

Ensure your system meets the requirements.

This will include:

  1. A powerful CPU
  2. Ample RAM
  3. A reliable internet connection.
  • Download SCUM Server Files

Get the server files from Steam.

Navigate to the Tools section and download “SCUM Server.”

  • Configure Server Settings

Edit the server settings to match your preferences.

This includes adjusting player limits, setting the game mode, and other configurations.

  • Port Forwarding

Set up port forwarding on your router to allow external connections.

SCUM typically uses ports 27015 and 27016.

  • Launch the Server

Run the server executable file and wait for it to initialize.

Your server is now live!

Configuring SCUM Server Settings

Changing your server settings accordingly can greatly improve the gameplay experience.

Adjust factors such as day/night cycles, and weather conditions.

Use the server configuration file (ServerSettings.ini) to make these changes.

Managing Players and Permissions

This involves setting up admin permissions and using commands to control the game.

Assign admin roles through the AdminSettings.ini file.

Use commands like /kick and /ban to maintain order and ensure fair play.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

1. SCUM Server Not Showing Up

If your server doesn’t appear in the server list:

  • Check your internet connection
  • Ensure ports are correctly forwarded

Double-check your server configuration and restart both your game and server.

2. SCUM Server Lag

It can be caused by insufficient hardware or network issues.

Upgrade your server hardware if necessary and ensure your internet connection is stable.

Also, reducing the number of active players can help remove the lag.

3. SCUM Server Crashing

Server crashes often result from poor layout or outdated server files.

Make sure to keep your server files current and double-check your configuration settings.

Regularly backup your server data to prevent loss.


Hosting a SCUM server offers countless opportunities for customizing your gaming experience.

By following this guide, you can efficiently set up, configure, and manage your server.

Promptly troubleshoot any issues to maintain a seamless gaming environment.

Immerse yourself in the world of SCUM with your server and experience unparalleled control and enjoyment.


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