How to Host a Beta Minecraft Server: Take control of your own Beta world today!

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Playing Minecraft Beta with friends is a unique and nostalgic experience.

It brings back the charm and simplicity of the game’s early days.

Imagine building epic structures, exploring vast landscapes, and surviving together in a familiar and refreshingly different world.

The excitement of Minecraft Beta 1.7.3, with its classic mechanics and features, makes it a special version for many players.

Hosting your own Minecraft server lets you and your friends create and control your own world.

You’ll have the power to customize your game, use back-end commands, and ensure a smooth, enjoyable experience for everyone.

Setting up a Minecraft Beta server means endless fun and collaboration.

Requirements to Host a Beta Minecraft Server

To run a Beta Minecraft server, you’ll need:

  1. Computer: Make sure your computer has decent processing power and enough RAM to handle the server load.
  2. Stable Internet Connection: A reliable internet connection ensures smooth gameplay for you and your friends.
  3. Java Runtime Environment (Java SE): Minecraft servers are powered by Java, so ensure you have Java SE installed on your computer.
  4. Beta Minecraft Server Software: You’ll need the specific Beta version server software you want to run. Be cautious and get it from trustworthy sources.
How to Host a Beta Minecraft Server

Downloading the Server Files

To download the Beta Minecraft server software, search for it using terms like “Minecraft Beta server download.”

Be careful to choose reliable sources.

You can start your search at

Setting Up the Server Files

To set up the files, create a new folder on your computer to store all the server files.

After downloading the server software, place it in the dedicated folder and double-click to run it. This action generates the necessary configuration files.

Locating “”: This file holds important settings for your server. You can find it in the server folder.

Configuring the Server

In the “” file, you can configure essential options like:

  • Server Name: Choose a name for your server.
  • Difficulty: Set the game difficulty (easy, normal, hard).
  • Game Mode: Decide between survival or creative mode.
  • Whitelist: If needed, control who can join your server.
  • Port: The default port number is 25565, but you can change it if necessary.

For a full list of configuration options, consult official Minecraft Beta server documentation or community resources.

Starting the Server

To launch the server, simply double-click the server JAR file.

Look for specific messages in the console window to confirm that the server has started successfully.

Connecting to the Server

Your friends can join your server by:

  1. Finding Your Public IP Address- Use online tools to find your public IP address.
  2. Using Minecraft Multiplayer Menu- In Minecraft, go to the multiplayer menu, enter your server’s IP address, and the default port number (25565).

Server Management

Consider exploring additional server management options like:

  • Server Administration Tools: These tools make configuration easier.
  • Whitelist: Control who can join your server by adding them to a whitelist.
  • Installing Mods as they can enhance your gameplay experience.

By following these steps, you can set up and run your own Beta Minecraft server for you and your friends to enjoy together.


That’s all there is to it! By following these steps, you’ve successfully set up your own Beta Minecraft server.

Now you can invite your friends to join the fun and explore the classic world of Beta Minecraft together.

Remember, you can customize the server properties further to create your own unique experience.


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