How to Host Unturned Server- Steps to Follow

An infographic illustration of How to host Unturned Server
An infographic illustration of How to host Unturned Server


Unturned is a popular sandbox game that combines survival, zombies, and crafting.

You can play it solo or with your friends online.

But if you want to have more control and customization over your game, you might want to host a personal unturned server.

This allows you to set your own rules, mods, maps, and players.

It also makes your game more stable and secure.

In this article, we will show you how to host unturned server.

What You Need to Host Unturned Server

Before you start hosting your unturned server, you need to have the following things:

  • A computer that meets the minimum system requirements for Unturned.
  • A stable and fast internet connection. You also need to know your public IP address.
  • A Steam account and the Unturned game are installed on your computer.

The Unturned Dedicated Server app, which you can download from the Steam library under the Tools section.

How to Set Up Unturned Server

Follow these steps to set up your unturned server:

  1. Launch the Unturned Dedicated Server app from your Steam library. A black console window will appear. This is where you can configure and manage your server.
  2. Create a folder for your server files. You can name it anything you want, but make sure you remember it. For example, you can name it “Unturned Server”.
  3. Copy the path of the folder and paste it into the console window after the text “Enter server folder:”. Press Enter to confirm. This will create a subfolder called “Server” inside your main folder, where your server files will be stored.
  4. Enter a name for your server after the text “Enter the server name:”. Press Enter to confirm. This will be the name that will appear in the server browser and the server console. For example, you can name it “My Unturned Server”.
  5. Wait for the server to generate the default files and settings. This may take a few minutes. You will see a message that says “Server initialized” when it is done.

Congratulations, you have successfully created your unturned server.

You can now start playing on it by launching the Unturned game and joining it through the LAN tab.

You can also invite your friends to join by giving them your public IP address and the port number, which is 27015 by default.

How to Manage Unturned Server

If you want to manage your unturned server, you can use the console window that you launched the server with.

Here are some of the things that you can do with the console window:

Start and stop the server: You can start and stop the server by typing “start” or “stop” in the console window and pressing Enter.

This will start or stop the server process and the game loop.

You can also use the Ctrl+C keyboard shortcut to stop the server.

Monitor the server: You can monitor the server by looking at the console window.

It will display information such as the server name, IP address, port number, map, players, chat messages, and events.

You can also use commands such as /players, /bans, or /admins to see more details about the players, bans, or admins on your server.

Control the server: You can control the server by typing commands in the console window and pressing Enter.

You can use commands such as /kick, /ban, /unban, /admin, /unadmin, /save, or /shutdown to perform actions on your server.


Hosting an unturned server is not as hard as it may seem.

You just need to have the right tools and follow the right steps.


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