Craft Your Own World: How to Host a Forge Minecraft Server

How to Host a Forge Minecraft Server

An image showcasing a group of players enjoying a custom-Modded Minecraft world.
An image showcasing a group of players enjoying a custom-modded Minecraft world/PHOTO: Files

Imagine playing Minecraft with lots of extra features added by different mods.

These mods bring in new blocks, items, creatures, and places to explore.

You get to create cool structures and adjust the game to your liking.

This is all possible because of Forge. Forge is like a tool that lets you easily add and use mods in Minecraft.

If you set up your own Forge server, you can play with mods alongside your friends and other players.

You have control over the server settings, privacy, and rules.

You get to pick and update which mods you want to use and even make your own sets of mods.

Setting up a Forge server is not too hard, and this article will help you do it step by step.

What Do You Need to Host a Forge Minecraft Server?

This is what’s needed before starting:

  1. Minecraft Java Edition
  2. Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
  3. Forge installer for your desired Minecraft version
  4. Hosting option (local PC, shared server, dedicated server)

Choosing Your Hosting Option

You can choose from three options:

  1. Local PC
  2. Shared server
  3. Dedicated server

These are the pros and cons of each of the options:

Hosting Option Pros Cons
Local PC – Full control over server settings, mods, and backups

– No monthly fees

– Need a powerful PC with enough RAM, CPU, and storage

– Need a stable and fast internet connection

– Have to keep PC running all the time

– May face security risks

Shared server – No hardware, maintenance, or security worries

– Variety of plans and features to choose from

– Share resources and performance with other customers

– Less control over server settings, mods, and backups

– May have to deal with customer support

Dedicated server – Best performance, reliability, and security

– More control over server settings, mods, and backups

– Dedicated customer support and technical assistance

– Higher monthly fee than a shared server

– May still have some limitations depending on the hosting provider’s policies and terms of service

A Table of the Pros and Cons of various hosting options.

How to Host a Forge Minecraft Server

Installation and Setup of Your Forge Server

You’ll need to follow the following steps:

1. Get Forge installer and Java.
2. Run the installer. Choose “Install Server” and pick where to install it.
3. Agree to the terms of service.
4. Start the server. Run the JAR file and make the necessary folders.
5. Install mods. Get mods that work with your game and put them in the “mods” folder.

Configuration and Optimization

There are three main areas that you can customize:

  • server properties
  • mod configuration
  • performance optimization
  1. Server properties are the basic settings of your server, such as the difficulty, the whitelist, the game mode, and the world name.

You can edit these settings by opening the file in a text editor and changing the values.

2. Mod configuration is the process of adjusting the settings of the mods that you have installed on your server.

Some mods may have their config files that you can find in the config folder of your server directory.

You can open these files and tweak the options to change how the mods behave.

3. Performance optimization is the process of improving the stability and speed of your server by allocating appropriate RAM and adjusting JVM arguments.

You can allocate more RAM to your server by editing the run.bat file (or file for Linux) and changing the -Xmx and -Xms values.

You can also add or modify JVM arguments to optimize the performance of your server.


Setting up your own Forge server gives you many options.

You can personalize your world, bring in friends, and make a memorable Minecraft adventure.

And it doesn’t stop there! If you learn a bit about the technical stuff, you can be in control of your own modified world.


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